SHANE RICE: MAS appeal crucial for GAA fitness

MAXIMAL Aerobic Speed (MAS) stands as a cornerstone in the realm of GAA fitness, offering a pathway to peak performance for players. While commonly utilized in professional sports, MAS has now become a focal point in the pre-season regimens of GAA coaches, presenting a versatile tool for enhancing team fitness year-round. The significance of MAS […]

SHANE RICE: Maximising performance: recovery techniques

RECOVERY is a crucial aspect of athletic performance, especially for Gaelic footballers who endure intense physical demands on the field. In the modern era, there isn’t much between the intensity of high level club teams and inter-county setup. Implementing effective recovery techniques can not only accelerate post-match or post-training recovery but also enhance overall performance and […]

SHANE RICE: McGuinness coming out aggressive

IN a display that left spectators awestruck, Jim McGuinness showcased his aggressive coaching style as Donegal went head to head with Cork last weekend. The match, described by many as “men against boys,” unfolded as a tactical masterclass, with Donegal proving both physically and technically superior to their opponents. One of the key takeaways from […]

SHANE RICE: Building the perfect warm-up: Balancing preparation and efficiency

IN the world of sports, the pre-game ritual is a sacred time, a delicate balance between readiness and conservation of energy. As a coach, I’ve traversed the spectrum, from overzealous warm-ups to realising that less is often more when it comes to preparing players for the impending match. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for the ideal […]

SHANE RICE: Maximizing performance: The power of tactical and gym periodization in sports training

IN the realm of sports coaching, the concept of tactical and gym periodization stands as a strategic cornerstone for optimising team performance. As we gear up for the 2024 season, understanding and implementing this method can significantly elevate our club team’s prowess. Tactical and gym periodization revolves around finely dividing the season into distinct phases, […]

SHANE RICE: Mastering the art of Gaelic football preparation

GAELIC football, a sport rich in tradition and passion, demands more than just physical prowess on game day. Victory is not solely achieved through training and skills development; it’s the culmination of meticulous game day preparation that sets the stage for success. I will delve into the essential pre-game routines, strategies, and mental preparation that […]

SHANE RICE: Balancing act for championship finale

AS championship football at the club level continues to evolve, so does the relentless intensity that accompanies it. With each passing year, the demands on players reach new heights. They run more, at higher speeds, with increased accelerations, decelerations, frequent changes of direction, and endure physicality like never before. For coaches, the later stages of […]

SHANE RICE: The layers of coaching wisdom

STEPPING into the world of coaching after returning from Toronto, Canada in 2020 has marked a journey of transformation in both language and methods. While I wouldn’t claim to have it all figured out, each passing year has added to my coaching evolution, making the learning curve an indispensable part of my development in this […]

SHANE RICE: Dublin’s relentless pressure seals victory

LAST Saturday evening, Dublin showcased their championship pedigree as they overcame a determined Monaghan side by a margin of seven points in a rain-soaked battle at Croke Park. Despite the challenging conditions, Monaghan fans turned out in full force, with unwavering support for their team throughout the intense contest. Monaghan exhibited commendable fight throughout the […]