A better solution to the proposed new rules to football

  By Steven Doherty   Croke Park, in its infinite wisdom, have suggested these 5 new rule changes that they believe will improve football as a spectacle… Advertisement Proposal (1) Handpass To introduce a restriction of three consecutive passes of the ball with the fist or open hand by players of the team in possession. […]

Steven Doherty: When We Were Kings

  By Steven Doherty The scene: Eason’s book shop, Derry City last Friday. “Excuse me, sir, do you have the book about Derry winning the All Ireland?” “Try the history section.” I don’t think the shop assistant was trying to be funny. He didn’t look like he was from Tyrone anyway. “Try the ‘Ancient History […]

Steven Doherty: The Cure

By Steven Doherty “You know what I like about Dublin?” “Buck all!” Sport has taken quite a kicking in recent times. Between cyclists taking too many puffs on their asthma inhalers, American footballers taking the knee during the national anthem and Serena (a ‘quare big article’ as she would have been called at the AOH […]