KEVIN CASSIDY: Less obsession, more laughter

WE have barely had time to breathe after the epic league finals with championship action starting with a bang last weekend. The standout result last weekend was undoubtedly Cavan’s massive win over neighbours Monaghan, which I don’t think a lot of people would have predicted. Monaghan struggled during this year’s league campaign. I think a lot […]

MÁIRE TREASA: The abuse must stop

By Máire Treasa Ní Cheallaigh EARLIER this year, we saw the research published by the sport psychologist Dr Noel Brick about the psychological well-being of referees. It made for grim reading. 94 per cent of match officials experienced verbal abuse and 23 per cent suffered some kind of physical abuse. Week in, week out, various […]

JOE BROLLY: Masterclass

ALMOST passed out last week when one of the contestants on the Rose of Tralee said that for her party piece, she was going to perform chest compressions on a doll accompanied by Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ (a song about a violent stranger attack on a woman in her apartment). First, Smooth Criminal started booming out: […]

KEVIN CASSIDY: A rethink on underage ruling is badly needed

I’VE purposely left this sit for a week to see what sort of reaction would occur from the decision to ban competitive action at under age levels. I’ve gone on record here before stating that sometimes the GAA amazes me – in particular, how they come about some of the decisions that they take and […]

CAHAL CARVILL: The cost of winning

MATT Damon and Ben Affleck’s film ‘Air’ recounts the story of how Nike, then a bottom of the line sports brand signed Michael Jordan to a sneaker deal which turned out to be possibly one of the greatest ever sports/business collaboration ever, with the Air Jordan division of Nike now worth over $4 billion dollars. The film […]