PATRICK MORRISON: Know what you want

By Patrick Morrison “THIS compass does not point North… It points to the thing you want most in this world.” – Captain Jack Sparrow This is a quote from Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ starring Johnny Depp as the flamboyant and estranged pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. The film follows the serendipitous antihero as […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Football always finds a way

By Patrick Morrison WITH the newest ‘fly goalie’ phenomenon becoming ever present within Gaelic football, I regularly get asked for my thoughts on the evolution of the goalkeeping position. First and foremost I explain that is natural and something that should be embraced and nurtured rather than shunned because allowing it to evolve without resistance […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Soul searching

By Patrick Morrison A GOALKEEPER, like any other player in Gaelic sports, has three main areas that contribute to their on-field performance. These three areas are all interlinked and have a constant bearing on how the other areas function at all times. It is also important to understand that these three areas are all influenced […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Fail to prepare

By Patrick Morrison “THERE is no such thing as bad weather… only poor preparation!” – Alfred Wainwright With the inter-county scene finishing its National Leagues this weekend and the new club season(s) on the verge of commencing, or already have, teams the length and breadth of the country will be putting their well laid plans […]


OVER the past 20 years we have really seen the evolution of the goalkeeping position in Gaelic football. We have seen possibly the greatest ever in Stephen Cluxton to the newest modern phenomenon of ‘keepers joining the fray. Over the past 20 years, and even before then, we have seen a dramatic increase in the […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Levelled progression – part two

By Patrick Morrison PART two of the levelled progression series, following on from last week’s opening. Level 5 – PERFORM THE SKILLS VERY WELL, AT SPEED, UNDER FATIGUE, UNDER PRESSURE, CONSISTENTLY [17-21yrs] This level is seen as a transitional level as the goalkeeper moves through both minor and u-21 grades where there is more emphasis […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Levelled progression – part one

By Patrick Morrison OVER the coming two articles, I will delve deep into the various developmental stages of goalkeeping. These stages can help both goalkeepers and coaches in their continuing quest for progression. They can be used as a kind of map or set of signposts to show where exactly they or their goalkeepers stand […]


By Patrick Morrison NEW Year Resolutions have been around for millennia. Many religions around the globe would practice this custom as a completion of one year and the commencement of the next. In fact, it is believed that 4,000 years ago it was the ancient Babylonians who were the first people to use New Year’s […]

Patrick Morrison: Give yourself a break

By Patrick Morrison THE evolution of re-starts has been paramount to the success of teams over the past 20 to 30 years. They have evolved in their nature, their purpose, and their principles. Even the jargon used has evolved through time (kick-outs to re-starts). The humble kick-out has grown from second thought set play into […]