By Patrick Morrison WE are now coming into the mouth of October and with the majority of teams now on their extended rest period, it means that for the majority of players, the season has ended and their so called ’OFF’ Season has begun. This sees players going from training three to five sessions per week […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Adopt your viking mindset

By Patrick Morrison LAST year, I read an article by fellow Gaelic Life columnist Gareth Fox. The content of the article was focused on character and how a person can develop the character they wish to have. Gareth explained that those people who are seen to have a strong character are usually the people that consistently […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Championship ready

By Patrick Morrison IT is that time of year when the club championships all over the country will be in full swing. Some counties may even have had the first round or two started. Here in Armagh, they are due to commence their group stages in the coming weeks. Those teams still in their respective […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Training brain v competition brain

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER a goalkeeper is performing during competition and performing during training sessions, they do so with two completely different approaches. The mindset a goalkeeper will have when they are performing during competition will greatly differ to the mindset they will apply when they are training. During competition, the goalkeeper has a greater […]


By Patrick Morrison THE Havamal is the Book of Viking Wisdom and the word itself means “sayings of the high one.” It is written as one single poem from a collection of poems and offers advice for living, proper conduct, wisdom as well as having both practical and philosophical guidance. There is a phrase in […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Bringing in the stormbreaker

THE English word ‘storm’ comes from the Proto-Germanic ‘sturmaz’ which means noise or tumult (chaos). Whenever we understand the origins of the word we can fully relate to the significance of its meaning. Being true to its name, storms are of course chaotic in nature while also having the ability to create mayhem and devastation […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Is it time to go?

WITH the majority of county competitions now entering the final stages of their season, now is the time when certain players will begin to think about what retirement would hold for any them – especially players who have been heavily involved in the game for a prolonged period of time. Usually, the post-season is a […]

PATRICK MORRISON: It’s championship season

IN American sports, they split their competitions into two parts with the first part being called the ‘regular season’ and the second part called the ‘post-season’, more affectionately known as the ‘Playoffs.’ Every team in each sport (Baseball, Basketball or Gridiron) will have realistic and attainable goals for their franchise. The better teams, as well […]