By Patrick Morrison AS a goalkeeper, it is important that you are mentally the strongest person on the pitch. It can sometimes feel like a very lonely and daunting place at times. Such is the nature of the game of goalkeeping. The majority of decisions and actions that a goalkeeper executes during a game usually […]

PATRICK MORRISON: ‘Kick’ your habit

By PATRICK MORRISON GAELIC football has evolved so much since 1884, and no position more so than the goalkeeper position. The array of skills that a goalkeeper has harnessed and developed over the years has grown exponentially. From shot stopping to sweeper ‘keeper; free taker to playmaker, goalkeepers in the modern game really have established […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Look for inspiration

I HAVE been writing these goalkeeping columns for over three years now and I regularly have emails, texts and social media messages from players, coaches, parents etc. in relation to goalkeeping. One of the most commonly asked questions I receive would be: “Where do I get my inspiration from?” The short answer for this is […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Back to basics

By Patrick Morrison DURING the past few seasons, we have really seen an increase in the number of goalkeepers that are confident in joining the outfield play. And there has been something of a phenomenon, especially from a goalkeeping point of view, there has been an explosion of press about the position. Some were excited […]