PAURIC GRIMES: Postponing a problem extends it

I HAVE a friend that lives in the big smoke. Now I don’t live in the city and haven’t done so in ten years so I can’t comment too much on what I’m about to tell you, but I hope when we dive into it that it’ll start to make sense. Whenever they’re going somewhere they’re unfamiliar […]

PAURIC GRIMES: ‘I wish I’d started later’

“I WISH I’d started later.” said no one ever. You think about it, anyone who has found success in life isn’t going to say “If only I’d given it a few more years of thinking time I’d have gotten there quicker.” They could be talking about learning an instrument, opening a business or more in […]

ULSTER GAA:Dealing with critical incidents in your club

AN important programme within the health and wellbeing arm of the GAA is a club’s response during a time of crisis. The Critical Incident Response Plan (CIRP) although developed by the Community & Health Department of the GAA, is a plan which the club executive is responsible for overseeing. This programme is currently being reviewed […]

Ulster GAA put referee health top of agenda

Ulster GAA have once again teamed up with the 3fivetwo Group to offer Ulster referees free health checks. Highlighting the benefits of this programme, Ulster GAA President Martin McAviney stated, “Our referees benefited greatly last year from our free health checks provided by the 3fivetwo Group and we are delighted to provide this service free-of-charge […]