PAURIC GRIMES: Don’t scroll into retirement

By Pauric Grimes WE’RE approaching the business end of the club championship season, and without kicking men while they’re down, there will be some of the boys who togged out over the last week or two for their final time. It’s not all doom and gloom though. In fact, as any of the men on […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Retired players – it’s time for you to act

HAVE you ever spent so much time talking about doing something that it felt like you did do something? You plan, brainstorm, and prep. You speak about the steps you’re going to take and the significant changes that will happen because of them. And it feels like you’re doing something. You must be. You’ve it all mapped […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Climb that mountain with friends

I WAS listening to an article on the modern epidemic of male loneliness. Males, when young, have huge friendship circles. Then, as they get older, those circles get smaller and smaller until for many there is no one left in them at all. This happens for a number of reasons. There are big periods of […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Don’t forget to have the craic

THERE were a few common themes that cropped up throughout the conversations I was having with the men who took part in our Reignite Challenge at the weekend. One – “I’ve missed this. The craic between the lads.” Two – “I’ve missed this. The competition. The bit of needle to dig deep and push harder than […]

PAURIC GRIMES: Get on with what happens next

THIS weekend kicks off the start of the Reignite training programme. Twelve ex-players who had been stuck in a retirement limbo are jumping on board with us to get a fire back in their belly, purpose behind their actions and ultimately see their performance physically, mentally and emotionally sky rocket. And I’ll not lie, I’m […]