GARETH FOX Work-rate: Lost in translation

By Gareth Fox LISTEN in on any pre-match talk and you’ll hear the words “work rate.” The single most demanded or expected attribute of any player about to go out and perform. Yet in today’s world of GPS and distance covered, perhaps a faux amis. The recent introduction of stats has been extremely interesting in […]

GARETH FOX: No winning or losing? Or just no silly parents?

By Gareth Fox CROKE Park plan to clamp down on competitiveness for underage players up to 12 years of age. As it stands, all games played at u-12 level and below will fall under the restriction of Go Games, intended to be ‘non-competitive’. No score-keeping, no knockouts, no finals, no winners, no losers. Why? To […]


WE’RE all familiar with the scenario of the mismatched games. A team beaten out the gate before half-time. It’s torture for all involved, and unless they’re managed correctly, can leave a psychological mark for the worse, on both sides. You run the risk of players quitting, demotivated, on both sides. Why? Because those of us who […]

GARETH FOX: Build, don’t break

OVER the last few weeks, as teams bow out of championship football, I’ve had a number of club managers get in contact regarding building mental toughness for the season ahead. One email stood out as particularly worrying; “… we’ve done all we can as managers – the lads are just not mentally tough enough.” Aside […]