JOHN McMAHON: Tapering and peaking

The Why & How…… IT’S that time of the year in the club players calendar the league is well over halfway through and the championship count down has begun. Depending on your teams’ priorities? Are you pushing for league promotion or battling relegation? These scenarios will determine your focus. However, some coaches and players at […]

JOHN McMAHON: Over-training or under-training?

THE goal of training in general should be to do as much as possible, as often as possible and keep improving. Unfortunately, the reality of training is not so simple. While training does trigger positive adaptations and benefits performance in the long-term, this comes at the price of the breakdown of the body and impaired […]

The shifting culture of physical fitness

Former Derry star Paul McFlynn has noticed a huge shift in the world of conditioning across the GAA since his own playing days. By Michael McMullan IN the days after Eoin McEvoy lifted the MacRory Cup, the St Mary’s Magherafelt past pupils’ WhatsApp group was pinging with messages. Paul McFlynn was part of the 1996 […]