PATRICK MORRISON: Fail to prepare

By Patrick Morrison “THERE is no such thing as bad weather… only poor preparation!” – Alfred Wainwright With the inter-county scene finishing its National Leagues this weekend and the new club season(s) on the verge of commencing, or already have, teams the length and breadth of the country will be putting their well laid plans […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The young goalkeeper

CHILDREN are curious and insightful individuals who explore and learn through the process of trial and error just as nature intended. Their world is loaded with all kinds of imaginary, games and toys. All a child wants to do is explore their world through the medium of play. And what child has not been given a […]

PATRICK MORRISON: ‘Kick’ your habit

By PATRICK MORRISON GAELIC football has evolved so much since 1884, and no position more so than the goalkeeper position. The array of skills that a goalkeeper has harnessed and developed over the years has grown exponentially. From shot stopping to sweeper ‘keeper; free taker to playmaker, goalkeepers in the modern game really have established […]