Sports Inspire Awards for young volunteers

ULSTER GAA is encouraging clubs to register their young volunteers for the prestigious Sports Inspire Awards Programme. Sports Inspire Award Programme is administered jointly by Ulster GAA, the Irish Football Association and Ulster Rugby to recognise young volunteers in sport. It has been developed to provide sports clubs with a tool to recruit, retain, support […]

Sub-committees: The importance of sharing the workload

ONE of the most effective methods of sharing and delegating work in the club is through the appointment of sub-committees. The appointment of sub-committees is a valuable way of involving and interesting a large number of club members in management and policy making by giving them a definite part to play in the life of […]

World Mental Health Day

WORLD Mental Health Day takes place on 10th October each year. The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. The aim of having an international day to mark mental health is to improve knowledge, raise awareness and drive actions that promote and protect everyone’s mental health. Good mental health […]

ULSTER GAA: Summer in your club

THE vast majority of GAA clubs own their own facilities, some may lease, and very few have no facilities to call ‘home’. Although increasingly there are fewer and fewer weeks of the year when the GAA club is not being used, the summer months are the time to get the best out of your GAA […]


ULSTER GAA: Promoting Gaeilge in your club

ALL clubs have the ability and opportunity to promote Gaeilge among members and in the club house itself, beag beann ar leibhéal na Gaeilge sa cheantar. If a club is starting from scratch, or if they have an excellent foireann (team) of people working hard to ensure Gaeilge is le cloisteáil (heard) agus le feiceáil […]

M.N.A. Mentoring Programme – Motivate, Nurture, Aspire

THE Camogie Association, in partnership with Sport Ireland, have developed a new initiative called the M.N.A Programme. The policy on Women in Sport identifies Coaching and Officiating, Active Participation, Leadership and Governance and Visibility as four key target areas. In targeting this area around coaching, the Camogie Association strive to increase the number of women […]

ULSTER GAA: Clubs embarking on prestigious youth programme

ULSTER GAA is working with a number of clubs across Ulster’s nine counties delivering the Joint Award Initiative which is jointly run by the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Gaisce – The President’s Award. The comprehensive programme requires young Gaels to play sport, volunteer in their club/community, develop a skill and complete an expedition. There […]

ULSTER GAA: Clubs must be in a state of readiness for fundraising

UNDERTAKING large physical developments is not for every club right now, but if you have identified that your club needs to improve its facilities then it is important that the club are ready to avail of any monies available. The availability of funding from public bodies may be limited following the current crisis, however, this […]

The club borrowing process

THE Comhairle Uladh borrowing process is the process by which units of the Association seek the permission of the relevant body to borrow funds for capital development from financial institutions. This process is required to ensure all units adhere to the rules of the Association when the unit borrows money either from a bank or […]