JONNY KELLY: A guide to shoulder dislocation

By Jonny Kelly THE shoulders are the most flexible joints in the body. They can rotate and move in every direction. The joint is surrounded by muscles called the rotator cuff, as well as several ligaments. In addition, there is a thick ring of cartilage called the labrum between the ball and socket. Advertisement Despite these […]

JONNY KELLY: How to design a gym programme

DO you go to the gym and wonder exactly how many sets and repetitions you should be doing? Or maybe you are not sure how often you should be going to the gym? Thanks to research, you don’t have to guess these things. We know from several studies over the years, what the exact recipe for […]

JONNY KELLY: Five things to do during the off-season

The GAA season is coming to a close in most counties. Unless you are lucky enough to have won the county championship, it is now time to rest and recharge. But many of you will be wondering what to do between now and the next pre-season. These are the 5 things so you should consider […]