STEVEN POACHER: Subs are vital in modern game

AFTER Armagh’s hugely impressive win over Derry in Celtic Park last weekend, Oisin O’Neill and brother Rian spoke about the impact the Armagh bench has been making this year. When Conleith Gilligan was appointed coach, the first thing he did was forensically examine the statistics and impact that the subs were having on games,. He felt the […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Back to basics

DURING the past few seasons, we have really seen an increase in the number of goalkeepers that are confident in joining the outfield play. And there has been something of a phenomenon, especially from a goalkeeping point of view, there has been an explosion of press about the position. Some were excited about how Ethan Rafferty […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Training brain v competition brain

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER a goalkeeper is performing during competition and performing during training sessions, they do so with two completely different approaches. The mindset a goalkeeper will have when they are performing during competition will greatly differ to the mindset they will apply when they are training. During competition the goalkeeper has a greater […]

JOHN McMAHON: Train hard but always recover harder

YOUR league season is well underway and as a GAA athlete you’ are trying to plan and structure your weekly training. But are you planning your recovery? Just as hard as our bodies work during exercises in the gym or training on the pitch, players need to work equally as hard to help their bodies […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Get your feet right

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER I am coaching, one of the most common questions I am asked is ‘what is the most important aspect of being a goalkeeper?’ My answer is always the same. There is no one aspect that is more significant than any other as mastery of the position needs a competent level of […]

DECLAN McCOY: The Jurassic Park principle

WHILE it’s great to have a fellow Armagh man as the new president of the GAA, I have to say I don’t envy his task in addressing the state of the game. A lot of games are turning into basketball and the entertainment value has dropped. This, in conjunction with the complete lack of jeopardy […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Should I stay or should I go?

By Patrick Morrison THIS week, I was invited onto the Gaelic Life podcast ‘Gaelic Lives.’ The show was hosted by Michael McMullan and also involved ex-Derry player Gerard O’Kane, both of this stable. We mainly discussed the NFL finals that involved Ulster teams while also discussing the phenomenon of warm weather training camps and their […]

DECLAN McCOY: Breaking down the low block

WE are currently slap-bang in the middle of the GAA jargon evolution. Terms like ‘move the ball quickly,’ ‘keep your width’ and ‘get men behind the ball’ have been replaced by ‘transitions,’ ‘tips’ and ‘low block.’ I have even found myself using such terminology and I die a little inside each time I do. The […]

SHANE RICE: McGuinness coming out aggressive

IN a display that left spectators awestruck, Jim McGuinness showcased his aggressive coaching style as Donegal went head to head with Cork last weekend. The match, described by many as “men against boys,” unfolded as a tactical masterclass, with Donegal proving both physically and technically superior to their opponents. One of the key takeaways from […]

STEVEN POACHER: Empower players to problem solve

By Steven Poacher THIS Saturday morning at 10am, we have our annual Coach Education Day at St Joseph’s in Newry. The four guest coaches presenting on the day provide arguably one of the finest line-ups we have had to date. Colm Collins, former Clare senior football manager, will kick-start the day with an indoor talk […]