STEVEN POACHER: Empower players to problem solve

By Steven Poacher THIS Saturday morning at 10am, we have our annual Coach Education Day at St Joseph’s in Newry. The four guest coaches presenting on the day provide arguably one of the finest line-ups we have had to date. Colm Collins, former Clare senior football manager, will kick-start the day with an indoor talk […]

STEVEN POACHER: A good coach is always learning

By Steven Poacher In just over two weeks, hundreds of coaches from all over Ireland will descend upon our school, St Joseph’s Boys High School, Newry, to attend our now annual Coach Education event. The event that has been in existence for over 14 years now is unique and different to most days, first and […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Effective communication

By Patrick Morrison WHAT is Effective Communication? Communication is any form of information that is relayed between two interfacing entities. Whether it be audible, visual, hand signals or even just body language if it sends a message to be received it is deemed as communication. Goalkeepers are in that precarious position of play developing in […]

STEVEN POACHER: The best time of year to learn

COACH Education is a subject very close to my heart, it’s a huge passion of mine, as a coach I never want to stop learning, in fact I have a small black note book I carry everywhere with me, quite a bit of my week seems to be spent in a car, so therefore the […]

DECLAN McCOY: The imitation game

GAELIC football is gradually moving towards a reset in the fundamental make up of teams. We have two points to consider in this regard. Firstly, the standard programme lays out the 15 players in the traditional structure. They consist of a ‘keeper, six defenders, two midfielders and six forwards. I can’t for the life of […]

SHANE RICE: Balancing act for championship finale

AS championship football at the club level continues to evolve, so does the relentless intensity that accompanies it. With each passing year, the demands on players reach new heights. They run more, at higher speeds, with increased accelerations, decelerations, frequent changes of direction, and endure physicality like never before. For coaches, the later stages of […]


By Patrick Morrison WE are now coming into the mouth of October and with the majority of teams now on their extended rest period, it means that for the majority of players, the season has ended and their so called ’OFF’ Season has begun. This sees players going from training three to five sessions per week […]

PAUDIE KISSANE: 13-a-side and bonus point wins

THERE is plenty of excitement off the pitch at present with the managerial merry-go-round but what is it that could be done to make things on the pitch more exciting for players and spectators alike? I might enjoy watching one team’s ability in breaking down a packed defence, creating space and more scores, but at […]

STEVEN POACHER: Values over winning

All our schools are in full flow now and school training for most age groups has started across the province. I have mentioned the importance of school football before and how schools work in tandem with the clubs. As the club season comes to an end, the school season just starts and it is so […]