PATRICK MORRISON: The goalkeeping persona

By Patrick Morrison WE all know that the goalkeeping position has evolved immensely over the years especially over the modern era of Gaelic football, a change that is now also occurring in the hurling game as well at present. Long gone are the days that the role of the goalkeeper was to merely perform their […]


By Patrick Morrison ALL goalkeepers want to improve. It doesn’t matter what age, level or reason for playing as a goalkeeper, we all want to feel as if we are becoming better ‘keepers on a weekly basis. Any goalkeeper that is serious about their position will always strive to reach the pinnacle of their ability. […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Goalkeeping conditioning

By Patrick Morrison Whenever I am coaching different teams and/or individual goalkeepers during pre-season I complete their goalkeeping conditioning. They regularly ask me ‘What is goalkeeping conditioning?’ After praising them for being brave enough to ask the question I then answer it for them as best I could. By now, the GAA fraternity have become […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Effective communication

By Patrick Morrison WHAT is Effective Communication? Communication is any form of information that is relayed between two interfacing entities. Whether it be audible, visual, hand signals or even just body language if it sends a message to be received it is deemed as communication. Goalkeepers are in that precarious position of play developing in […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The 11 goalkeeper principles: PART TWO

By Patrick Morrison Part Two My Eleven Goalkeeping Principles and the culmination of last week’s article continued below… 7 MANIPULATE: There are different forms of Manipulation that a goalkeeper can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. These methods can be broken down into two categories of Direct or Indirect. When engaging opponents directly, […]

PATRICK MORRISON: 11 goalkeeping principles – Part 1

By Patrick Morrison THIS week’s article will come in a two-part form. This is because I have repurposed my Eleven Goalkeeping Principles and as such will need two articles to fit them in. Below is Part One of these principles, Part Two to follow up next week. Enjoy! All goalkeepers are different and no two […]


By Patrick Morrison WE are now coming into the mouth of October and with the majority of teams now on their extended rest period, it means that for the majority of players, the season has ended and their so called ’OFF’ Season has begun. This sees players going from training three to five sessions per week […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Kicking is your craft

By Patrick Morrison DISTRIBUTION in the modern game has become more and more important for teams whenever they are focusing on winning games. In some games a team’s ability on restarts can literally be the winning or losing of a particular game. For the goalkeeper then, it is crucial they can self-appraise their kicking both […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Adopt your viking mindset

By Patrick Morrison LAST year, I read an article by fellow Gaelic Life columnist Gareth Fox. The content of the article was focused on character and how a person can develop the character they wish to have. Gareth explained that those people who are seen to have a strong character are usually the people that consistently […]


By Patrick Morrison “Presence is a funny thing. If you have to prove that you have it, you probably never really had it in the first place.” Having a presence both on and off the field of play is essential for the goalkeeper. It is the tenth of my eleven goalkeeping principles and one which […]