BY Patrick Morrison ON Saturday, November 30 in Stamford Bridge, David Martin made his long-awaited Premier League debut for his boyhood club West Ham United at the age of 33. After 16 years plying his trade as a professional, the Hammers third choice goalkeeper finally got his moment in the spotlight against fellow London rivals […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Recovery comes first

By Patrick Morrison WITHIN my 11 goalkeeping principles, number eight is named ‘recovery.’ This principle deals with two types of recovery within the abilities of a goalkeeper. The first aspect of goalkeeping recovery focuses on how quickly the goalkeeper can reset themselves back into their set position after having made a save, caught a high […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t go mad, go mental

By Patrick Morrison THERE has been no doubt that over the years that the goalkeeper position has been one that has always required a specialised set of skills. Compared to the rest of the team, some of the traits required to play in goal are totally alien to any other position. Playing as a goalkeeper […]


By Patrick Morrison THE Havamal is the Book of Viking Wisdom and the word itself means “sayings of the high one.” It is written as one single poem from a collection of poems and offers advice for living, proper conduct, wisdom as well as having both practical and philosophical guidance. There is a phrase in […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Improve No.1 with two, three and four

RECENTLY I had a discussion with a young goalkeeper I am currently coaching. They have been called into the setup within the past few weeks and have been progressing very well so far. There are three other goalkeepers within the team which means the opportunities for this goalkeeper are limited at present. As we chatted, […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Look after your gloves

EVERYWHERE I go whenever I am coaching goalkeepers; I am always asked about what gloves I think are the best to use. What is the best make, the best cut or what is the best fit. In reality there is no perfect pair of gloves that is best for everyone. Just like every goalkeeper is different, […]

“Colleen O’Hare always gives 100 per cent and wins her battles”

Meet Armagh goalkeeper Ciarrai Devlin… Name: Ciarrai Devlin. Age: 25. Teams played for: St Mary’s, Granemore, Armagh, Ulster, UUJ. Advertisement Which team mate has been the most inspirational and why? Colleen O’Hare – every match she gives 100 per cent and usually wins her individual battle. Who’s the best team mate to train with and […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t fear the goalkeeper

By Patrick Morrison IN the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico City, the final of the men’s high jump event took place on Sunday, October 20. As the athletes competed and vied for their ultimate Olympic goal, by the end of the event only three competitors remained – Valertin Gavrilov of the Soviet Union, Ed Caruthers […]


By Patrick Morrison AS a goalkeeper, it is necessary to have a solid set of reasons as to why you play the position. With the levels of skill and abilities a goalkeeper needs to hold ever-increasing and the weight of expectation to reproduce those skills to the highest of standards on a consistent basis, having […]