PATRICK MORRISON: 11 goalkeeping principles – Part 1

By Patrick Morrison THIS week’s article will come in a two-part form. This is because I have repurposed my Eleven Goalkeeping Principles and as such will need two articles to fit them in. Below is Part One of these principles, Part Two to follow up next week. Enjoy! All goalkeepers are different and no two […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Stop shot stopping

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER I am coaching goalkeepers around the country, there are six main goalkeeping areas that I will coach them in. These six areas are, in my opinion, the main areas involved within the goalkeeping position and incorporate every possibility that a goalkeeper may face during competitive games. My six goalkeeping areas are […]

DECLAN McCOY: That Galway-Armagh kick-out and misconceptions

By Declan McCoy I WAS fortunate enough to have been in Croke Park last year to witness one of the best games of football in years when Armagh played Galway in the All-Ireland quarter final. The game was action-packed with quality, drama and, of course, controversy. One incident that I have spoken to a lot […]

PATRICK MORRISON: It’s championship season

IN American sports, they split their competitions into two parts with the first part being called the ‘regular season’ and the second part called the ‘post-season’, more affectionately known as the ‘Playoffs.’ Every team in each sport (Baseball, Basketball or Gridiron) will have realistic and attainable goals for their franchise. The better teams, as well […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The six areas of of goalkeeping

By Patrick Morrison GOALKEEPING is a very specialised position. A goalkeeper must have a good basic skill set just like every other position on the team, but they also need to develop specific goalkeeping traits, skills, and movements to be able to play the position competently. Like any sports person that is truly serious about […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Look for inspiration

I HAVE been writing these goalkeeping columns for over three years now and I regularly have emails, texts and social media messages from players, coaches, parents etc. in relation to goalkeeping. One of the most commonly asked questions I receive would be: “Where do I get my inspiration from?” The short answer for this is […]


I AM still recovering from the sing song at Knockmore GAA club. Michael English on the piano makes everyone sound good, even the glamorous brunette, who is the only woman I know who can see in three keys simultaneously. If the club was bouncing to ‘Courtin in the Kitchen’ it went to a whole new […]

PATRICK MORRISON: The Goalkeeping Spectrum

By Patrick Morrison OVER the past 20 years, we have really seen the evolution of the goalkeeping position in Gaelic football. We have seen possibly the greatest ever in Stephen Cluxton to the newest modern phenomenon of ‘keepers joining the fray out the field. Over the past 20 years, and even before that, we have […]