DECLAN McCOY: Still an imperfect system

AS I write this I have a sense of déjà vu. Another big game for Armagh and another heart-breaking penalty shoot-out defeat. I’m just back from a coffee with Aaron McKay and he was so disappointed he let me pay (again!). I would suggest the next time instead of penalties we should have a supporter […]

DECLAN McCOY: The extreme weather conundrum

I’D like to start this week by thanking my cousin, Armagh’s Aoife McCoy, for a great day at her wedding. A sprained ankle on the dance floor was my punishment for trying to act the young fella. Luckily we got a dry day for it, which has not been the case recently. Every manager and […]

DECLAN McCOY: The imitation game

GAELIC football is gradually moving towards a reset in the fundamental make up of teams. We have two points to consider in this regard. Firstly, the standard programme lays out the 15 players in the traditional structure. They consist of a ‘keeper, six defenders, two midfielders and six forwards. I can’t for the life of […]

DECLAN McCOY: That Galway-Armagh kick-out and misconceptions

By Declan McCoy I WAS fortunate enough to have been in Croke Park last year to witness one of the best games of football in years when Armagh played Galway in the All-Ireland quarter final. The game was action-packed with quality, drama and, of course, controversy. One incident that I have spoken to a lot […]

DECLAN McCOY: Sowing the seeds of future success

AS it was my father’s birthday on Sunday (happy birthday Desy), I thought I’d drag him to the Louth County final and we followed that up by watching the Down County final on television. I had also taken in the Donegal final the day before on TG4. My wife, Marie, thinks I need to take […]

DECLAN McCOY: Running the rules

BEFORE I get into this week’s article, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Armagh players and management for an amazing year. Croke Park was up there with anything I’ve witnessed and my three young children, Ethan, Cian and Odhrán, have had a brilliant first year following the Orchard men. On to the […]


WHEN you are involved in Gaelic football, or any sport for that matter, you have to contend with the fact that losing comes with the territory. This can be a difficult concept as nobody plans to lose. Hours, months and years are dedicated to winning. However, once you find that balance of not accepting defeat […]