GLIST: Running the rule

With Jim Gavin tasked to head up a new committee to take a look at the state of football, Michael McMullan feels not many changes are needed but takes a look at issues for consideration. Clockwatching ONCE the fourth official indicates how many minutes of stoppage time are to be played, timekeeping should be taken […]

JOE BROLLY: David, Pat and Ervin

I INTERVIEWED David Gough at the weekend, our greatest referee. He supports my four new rules. Q. The sweeper is the real game killer? A. It is. It has become an awful boring game to watch Joe. Even to referee. It is dreadful. I wouldn’t go to watch a football match now and I used […]


I AM still recovering from the sing song at Knockmore GAA club. Michael English on the piano makes everyone sound good, even the glamorous brunette, who is the only woman I know who can see in three keys simultaneously. If the club was bouncing to ‘Courtin in the Kitchen’ it went to a whole new […]