DECLAN McCOY: Still an imperfect system

AS I write this I have a sense of déjà vu. Another big game for Armagh and another heart-breaking penalty shoot-out defeat. I’m just back from a coffee with Aaron McKay and he was so disappointed he let me pay (again!). I would suggest the next time instead of penalties we should have a supporter […]


THE price of the pound is soon going to be worth less than a certain American rapper, mortgage rates per month will shortly cost you a number of your vital organs, your pension pot won’t be enough to buy you a Freddo and filling your tank with oil will likely cost more than an Oligarch’s […]

DECLAN MCCOY: Player welfare will dictate the split

AS I prepare for championship this weekend with St Bride’s, I wonder about the split season and the beautiful weather club teams were promised. Only in Ireland will you see supporters in shorts and T-shirts, whilst under umbrellas and clutching winter coats as “the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do” is said a […]