PATRICK MORRISON: Restarts – they’re a team thing!

THE kickout has changed so much tactically over the past thirty years. So much so, that the name has been changed along with it. From punting the ball out to the midfield areas where players would compete for the ball in 50/50 challenges to try and catch, break or attain possession; they have now evolved […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Know what you want

By Patrick Morrison “THIS compass does not point North… It points to the thing you want most in this world.” – Captain Jack Sparrow This is a quote from Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ starring Johnny Depp as the flamboyant and estranged pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. The film follows the serendipitous antihero as […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Always attacking

By Patrick Morrison STEVEN Pressfield’s 2004 novel ‘The Virtue of War’ follows the life of Alexander the Great and his story is told through the eyes of a Hellenic-Persian scribe who was serving under him during his campaigns into India. In the novel there is a quote from Alexander himself which states: “Always attack. Even […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Football always finds a way

By Patrick Morrison WITH the newest ‘fly goalie’ phenomenon becoming ever present within Gaelic football, I regularly get asked for my thoughts on the evolution of the goalkeeping position. First and foremost I explain that is natural and something that should be embraced and nurtured rather than shunned because allowing it to evolve without resistance […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Raise your standards

By Patrick Morrison TO reach the top and become the best takes a massive amount of time and effort to perfect your goalkeeping. You will spend hours and hours refining your skills with the aim of improving your performances between the posts. Ultimately, it is important to understand that perfection is unattainable because each time you […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Training brain v competition brain

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER a goalkeeper is performing during competition and performing during training sessions, they do so with two completely different approaches. The mindset a goalkeeper will have when they are performing during competition will greatly differ to the mindset they will apply when they are training. During competition, the goalkeeper has a greater […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Who’s in goals

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER I was younger, Sherry’s Field in the heart of Armagh City was our playground. A very large field, it included five full tennis courts, a soccer pitch, a playground as well as some fringe areas for building tree huts and the like. No matter what the weather was like, most of […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Master your situation

By Patrick Morrison OVER the past few weekends, we have seen some excellent exhibitions of goalkeeping in numerous matches. Colm Reape (Mayo), Shaun Patton (Donegal), Niall Kane (Down), Shane Ryan (Kerry), Odhrán Lynch (Derry) and probably the best and most all-round performance from Tyrone’s Niall Morgan against Armagh in Omagh. All of the goalkeeping skills […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Stop shot stopping

By Patrick Morrison WHENEVER I am coaching goalkeepers around the country, there are six main goalkeeping areas that I will coach them in. These six areas are, in my opinion, the main areas involved within the goalkeeping position and incorporate every possibility that a goalkeeper may face during competitive games. My six goalkeeping areas are […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t chase – incentivise

By Patrick Morrison IN the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico City, the final of the men’s high jump event took place on Sunday 20th October. As the athletes competed and vied for their ultimate Olympic goal by the end of the event only three competitors remained. Valertin Gavrilov of the Soviet Union, Ed Caruthers from […]