PATRICK MORRISON: Soul searching

By Patrick Morrison A GOALKEEPER, like any other player in Gaelic sports, has three main areas that contribute to their on-field performance. These three areas are all interlinked and have a constant bearing on how the other areas function at all times. It is also important to understand that these three areas are all influenced […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Make sure you deliver

By Patrick Morrison SUNDAY, June 1 1997, the Chicago Bulls are hosting the Utah Jazz in Game One of the NBA Finals. The Jazz are appearing in their first ever NBA finals whereas the Bulls are going for their fifth title in seven years. Game one is a pivotal game especially for the team that […]


BY Patrick Morrison ON Saturday, November 30 in Stamford Bridge, David Martin made his long-awaited Premier League debut for his boyhood club West Ham United at the age of 33. After 16 years plying his trade as a professional, the Hammers third choice goalkeeper finally got his moment in the spotlight against fellow London rivals […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Recovery comes first

By Patrick Morrison WITHIN my 11 goalkeeping principles, number eight is named ‘recovery.’ This principle deals with two types of recovery within the abilities of a goalkeeper. The first aspect of goalkeeping recovery focuses on how quickly the goalkeeper can reset themselves back into their set position after having made a save, caught a high […]


By Patrick Morrison THIS season I am involved with several teams from various age groups and grades. From senior inter-county, both male and female, u-20 level, as well as several club teams across all grades. I also field questions and queries from goalkeepers I have previously coached, some whom I have never coached as well […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Don’t go mad, go mental

By Patrick Morrison THERE has been no doubt that over the years that the goalkeeper position has been one that has always required a specialised set of skills. Compared to the rest of the team, some of the traits required to play in goal are totally alien to any other position. Playing as a goalkeeper […]

PATRICK MORRISON: Fail to prepare

By Patrick Morrison “THERE is no such thing as bad weather… only poor preparation!” – Alfred Wainwright With the inter-county scene finishing its National Leagues this weekend and the new club season(s) on the verge of commencing, or already have, teams the length and breadth of the country will be putting their well laid plans […]

Patrick Morrison – Raise your standards

By Patrick Morrison TO reach the top and become the best takes a massive amount of time and effort to perfect your goalkeeping. You will spend hours and hours refining your skills with the aim of improving your performances between the posts. Ultimately, it is important to understand that perfection is unattainable because each time […]


By Patrick Morrison THE Havamal is the Book of Viking Wisdom and the word itself means “sayings of the high one.” It is written as one single poem from a collection of poems and offers advice for living, proper conduct, wisdom as well as having both practical and philosophical guidance. There is a phrase in […]